Our Solutions

Royal Agrifirm Group is rooted in agriculture. We offer added value through knowledge, innovation and professional employees who are closely involved with our farmers and growers. The challenges agricultural entrepreneurs are confronted with require continuous innovation. We combine years of scientific research with local specific know-how to continuously develop new products and concepts. It’s our mission to deliver measurable, relevant and sustainable value at farm, field and industry.

Aim high and deliver

Agricultural entrepreneurship is becoming increasingly complicated. Our world has changed. Farmers and growers have to make choices within the boundaries imposed by society and the authorities. They strive for the best possible results and are constantly on the lookout for improvements in their business. They expect us to provide the best solutions at competitive prices, proactive consulting services and a customer-friendly approach. That’s why we are cost-conscious, we think ahead and we accept our responsibility.

Open, honest, fair and consistent in cooperation with others

We enjoy the trust of farmers, growers, integrators and livestock feed companies on a global scale. We are not just a supplier of livestock animal feed. We create measurable, relevant and sustainable value for farmers. All our innovations are developed based on agricultural needs. By globally bridging multidisciplinary and multi-sectoral networks, our teams facilitate symbiotic product development − and even co-creations − in collaboration with knowledge partners and other stakeholders. Combining the ideas, skills and knowledge of our worldwide employees empowers us to speed-up the development and launch of new concepts, products and tools quickly, at a competitive price.

Focused on customers and results

Our added value includes consultancy and knowledge sharing. We invest in independent development of knowledge and research for farm, field and industry. At the same time, we work close with our farmers and growers through our field services. Our customers can rely on result-driven consultancy, also when dealing with complex problems and changing circumstances.

Contribute to a safe and learning company

Royal Agrifirm Group too has to be a better company tomorrow than it is today. Through long-term thinking, by working together and by sharing knowledge. We are not just a party that is competitive in the market with respect to quality, price and service, but we particularly distinguish ourselves as being the right party offering sustainable and innovative solutions for a better result.

To offer tailored solutions for farm, field and industry our products and services are subdivided into arable, nutritional and industrial solutions.

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Quality and safety

Delivering high quality products and services, and anticipating on the safety of our products and employees is our top priority.

About us

We deliver measurable, relevant and sustainable value at farm, field and industry.

Results and reports

Read our financial and CSR results and reports.

Our strategy

We are better together and strive to achieve a responsible food chain for future generations.

Organisational structure

We are a cooperative, therefore 17,000 Dutch farmers and growers are the owners of the company.