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Nuscience Group, including the Nutritional Solutions brands Cehave Korm (Ukraine), Lusai (China), Nuscience (Italy, Russia, Serbia and Spain), Nutral (Uruguay), Nutrifarma (Brazil), Preconex (Middle East and Africa) and Industrial Solutions brand Nuscience (Austria, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and The Netherlands), is part of Royal Agrifirm Group for many years. Our global activities are brought closer together through our new ‘Better Together’ strategy. Therefore from now on the Nuscience Group website and Preconex website will be a Royal Agrifirm Group website.

Within Royal Agrifirm Group we share our knowledge and experience to further improve our products and services. Global R&D combined with local know-how allows us to offer customers worldwide integrated arable and nutritional solutions. The synergy in activities accelerates improvement in the field of solutions development, sustainability, operational excellence and digital solutions. The resulting synergy brings a wider portfolio and a broader technical service to the global market.

The combination of our knowledge on arable, specialties and feed products allows us to provide customers all over the world with unmatched arable and nutritional solutions. This helps them to answer the complex challenges they face today and to be ready for upcoming challenges. We want to have a real impact on local food chain solutions in markets where we play a significant role, because we believe we can help to make a difference – leading to truly sustainable solutions. Our vision to contribute to a responsible food chain for future generations reflects the inspiring drive of farmers all across the globe: to leave a better farm to the next generation.

Nuscience and Preconex stay your experts in premixes, mineral feed, concentrates, young animal feed and health-promoting feed ingredients.

Nuscience and Preconex will stay your experts in premixes, mineral feed, concentrates, young animal feed and health-promoting feed ingredients. You will still recognize our strong brands Lusai, Nuscience, Nutral and Nutrifarma in local activities. These brands will be endorsed as member of the Royal Agrifirm Group.

Industrial Solutions

For feed mills within Austria, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and The Netherlands we introduced a separate business unit called Industrial Solutions. Nuscience is key partner in premixes, mineral feed, concentrates, young animal feed and health-promoting feed ingredients for the animal feed industry. This business unit won’t share information about their customers with other components of our company. We secure the independency of this business unit by working with dedicated employees.

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About us

We deliver measurable, relevant and sustainable value at farm, field and industry.

Our strategy

We are better together and strive to achieve a responsible food chain for future generations.

Organisational structure

We are a cooperative, therefore 17,000 Dutch farmers and growers are the owners of the company.

Our history

Founded over 120 years ago we now are a global leading agricultural organisation.

About our Solutions

We offer added value through knowledge, innovation and professional advise.