Start you career at Royal Agrifirm Group

You are finalizing or just finalized your studies. Meanwhile you think about starting your career. Which jobs fit you best? Where do you want to work? How can you develop to a professional within your expertise?

No matter if you are looking for an internship or your first or second job, at Royal Agrifirm Group you will be part of a team. This gives you the opportunity to learn from colleagues and we can learn from you. Short lines, passion for profession and with both feed on the ground. It keeps us sharp and makes us accomplish the best results for our customers. That’s what it’s all about!

Dick Hordijk, CEO

Royal Agrifirm Group is a wonderful company, people working for our organisation are really passionated about their jobs!


Are you looking for an internship where you can create relevant impact on farm, field or industry? Royal Agrifirm Group offers you this opportunity. Our assignments are based on customer needs. No thick reports that end up in a closet, but practical research to create value for our farmers and growers.


Are you a ‘STAR’, do people call you Sharp, Trusted, Ambitious and Responsible? But don’t you know what job function fits you best? Would you like to ‘taste’ the different areas within our company? Than you should join the Royal Agrifirm Group Traineeship. We are convinced that the best start in a future professional life is to combine theoretic and practical experience during an advanced education.

Within an one and a half year program you will independently expand three global assignments. Besides a self-assessment, you will follow courses to develop your skills for practical use during you assignments. Alternating and inspiring. To guarantee success you will be internally supported by our employees who provide the training, assist the trainee in the dedicated projects and advise them in practical matters. This way you won’t only learn much about our company, but you will uncover where your qualities excel most.


After completing my studies of Bio-Science Engineering Agriculture I had the fortune to start with a traineeship at Royal Agrifirm Group. We got an intense training program about animal management and nutrition by the leading researchers and managers of that specific topic. During these trainings and some informal moments we were able to meet our new colleagues who welcomed us with open arms. After those weeks of training we received projects were we have to assist one of the departments. This is a great opportunity to get familiar with the company and to learn to work together with different people on an international scale. I’m very grateful that Royal Agrifirm Group gave me the opportunity to develop fast in a very supportive environment. I hope to contribute a lot to the Royal Agrifirm Group in the future.

Wouter Vanrolleghem
Junior Trainnee

Since I started to work here as a newly graduate, every day is so exciting at Royal Agrifirm Group. With warm hearted colleagues and caring employers. The care is everywhere to everyone. I am fully motivated to achieve personal excellence with our mission - a responsible food chain for future generations.

QianQian Wang
Junior Trainnee

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Why you should apply for a job at Royal Agrifirm Group

Join us on our journey to create a responsible food chain for future generations.

Agrifirm Academy

We invest in your development, because your development is our growth.


We offer a wide range of job opportunities worldwide.

About us

We deliver measurable, relevant and sustainable value at farm, field and industry.

Our strategy

We are better together and strive to achieve a responsible food chain for future generations.

Organisational structure

We are a cooperative, therefore 17,000 Dutch farmers and growers are the owners of the company.