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With more than 3.000 dedicated employees driven to excel every day, Royal Agrifirm Group contributes to a responsible food chain for future generations. We deliver measurable, relevant and sustainable value at farm, field and industry. Founded over 120 years ago in the Netherlands, we now are a leading agricultural cooperative with an international network of subsidiaries in 16 countries within Europe, South America and Asia and a worldwide distribution network.

By globally combining years of scientific research with local, specific know-how in the arable and livestock feed sector, we offer our customers worldwide the best solutions for the challenges they face every day. With high quality animal feeds, premixes, concentrates, mineral mixes, additives for the animal feed industry, crop cultivation products, animal and crop specific digital solutions and professional advice, our group of subsidiaries offers arable and nutritional solutions for enterprising livestock farmers, integrators, feed mills, distributors and growers. Royal Agrifirm Group strives to be the preferred knowledge and solution-driven partner for our customers in animal nutrition, crop cultivation and animal, plant and soil health. Better Together!

Facts and figures

Providing arable, nutritional and industrial solutions in the agricultural sector worldwide.

Royal predicate

On September 14, 2012 Agrifirm was allowed to receive the predicate Royal. The Dutch predicate Royal is a distinction that can only be awarded by the Royal House. It symbolizes the respect, appreciation and trust of the Dutch government in agribusiness and in Agrifirm.

To receive this Royal predicate the company must have great prestige regarding nature, size (size of the company, the number of employees and the turnover) and reliability. The business must be impeccable. The company, as well as the board members and commissioners, must be well-known. Thereby the organisation needs to take a very prominent position in the Dutch market, preferably with an international appearance. 

The occasion for awarding the predicate Royal to Agrifirm was the 100th anniversary of Cehave (founded on May 26, 1911) and Landbouwbelang (founded May 25, 1914). The predicament is a confirmation that Agrifirm has been doing good products for a century and doing business correctly. We are very pleased with the conferment of the predicate and will live up to the honour in a modest way as befits Agrifirm.

Predicate Royal

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Our strategy

We are better together and strive to achieve a responsible food chain for future generations.

Organisational structure

We are a cooperative, therefore 17,000 Dutch farmers and growers are the owners of the company.

Our Solutions

We offer added value through knowledge, innovation and professional advise.


We generate sustainable value with and for our members, 17,000 Dutch farmers and growers.

Results and reports

Read our financial and CSR results and reports.