Agrifirm Plant initiates partnership in China

Afbeelding15 december 2016 - Group Engels

At the end of November, Agrifirm Plant signed a declaration of intent for a partnership with Beidahuang Blacksoil Potato Industry (BBPI). BBPI is part of the Beidahuang Group, one of the largest farms in China. With 150.000 hectare, placed in the food producing area in Heilongjiang, BBPI is an important producer in China. BBPI has 20.000 hectare of potato starch, three starch plants and a potato flakes plant in Heilongjiang. In this partnership Agrifirm Plant will contribute knowledge about the cultivation of potatoes, as a result of which BBPI will be offered a better product for processing.

Agrifirm Plant is able to enter into this partnership because it is known as a knowledge partner of plant growers in the Netherlands. Its knowledge and expertise concerning crops, in this case potato crops, give BBPI sufficient confidence that this will improve the quality of the starch potatoes cultivated in its region.

How the knowledge transfer will be implemented will be clarified over the coming months. General Director of Agrifirm Plant, John Smit, is happy with this development. ‘This partnership with BBPI relating to the cultivation of starch potatoes is an important step in the development of our company. Exploiting international knowledge is part of this and this partnership provides us with a foothold in China. Exploiting knowledge abroad as well increases the company's foundation and contributes to the further growth in value creation for our growers and partners.’

Photo: Signing of the declaration of intent

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