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Agrifirm Innovation Center

Standing still means going backwards, so we consider innovation to be an important condition for thinking ahead and moving forwards. In our Agrifirm Innovation Center, we constantly investigate how innovations through food can directly or indirectly improve the yield on your farm. We also study how we can contribute to sustainability issues and solutions in the longer term. For example, how can we help you reduce your animals’ carbon footprint?

You ask, we innovate
Our basis is feed value research and need research. What exactly do animals need at different stages of their lives? What are the current nutritional values and what unique techniques can we develop and add for even better results? Our research focuses on all nutrients for all livestock. Our researchers are highly qualified specialists at selected research institutes. Our laboratories and test facilities are at their disposal and they work closely with CCL Nutricontrol, Agrifirm Plant and Vitamex. The final results – even richer nutrients – reach your holding through complete or supplementary feed, through (wet) co-products or some other way.

Researchers with a mission
The Agrifirm Innovation Center naturally stands for innovation. And just like our other activities, here too research is performed with attention for sustainability based on a committed and result-driven approach. The mission of Agrifirm Innovation Center is to facilitate innovation with knowledge of specified areas, taking into account the specific circumstances and aimed at optimal results for farmer and organisation.